Why Colon Cleanse

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Why Should I cleanse my colon? By Craig Lane www.healthalkemy.com

The Large Intestine Swamp – Microbial Terrain, Transformation, and Mysteries Unfolding

I get asked a lot, “Why should I cleanse?” And my most common reasons are below.

For now, realize that more microbes live in the colon than anywhere in the body. On top of that, we are seeing more and more how we are basically 90% or more microbes, and very little human. So, think about this. If we are mostly occupied by microbes, and everything must eat, and poop, then we want microbes in our body that poop things that are good for our cells and tissues. Helpful microbes produce Vitamin K, B-vitamins, anti-pathogen chemicals, break down waste, carry out heavy metals, keep the gut lining secure (prevent leaky gut), and a lot more! If we have a lot of rotting matter in our intestines (most of us do, get over it), then pathogens feed on it, and excrete wastes that poison our tissues, our nerves, and can even change our thinking.

We can look to nature for examples of this. Put two identical plants next to each other, put one in well nourished soil, the other in waste ridden nutrient deficient soil. One plant will grow well, and be disease free, the other will not grow well, will get insects on it, and break down. This is what happens in our intestines. How do I know this? I chart and observe people’s skin, their health markers, and their symptoms. I can observe their insides via the tongue, the sclera and iris. These tools sort of give me X-ray vision into the interior of the body.

We now know that certain microbes use heavy metals like Mercury to either hide in, or as a weapon against our immune cells. Our gut microbes can sacrifice themselves by “swallowing” the heavy metal, and then slough off the gut lining into the stool. Certain chelating agents like clays, soluble fibers, chlorella, cilantro, and other herbs help this process along.

I am also certain that our bacteria, and other microbes transform waste products, heavy metals, and other poisons if we have a good balance of microbes in our gut, enough nutrients, have good self-care, and clear out waste regularly.

Why cleanse? Bullet points below:

  1. Do you change the filters in your regularly? Have you cleaned out your bodies filters lately? At least once a year? Your filters are your liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, intestines and more. Cleansing helps this, and once a year is a minimum. For many, they need to cleanse out every 2-3 months for a few years as they are able to.
  2. Cleaner, better functioning liver
  3. Immune system better able to spot pathogens. Can a police officer spot and shoot a criminal in a fog bank very well?
  4. More energy – if debris and waste is clogging up the system, then we often have lower energy
  5. Lose weight – the body often puts on weight that is waste, and accumulation of ever thickening mucus (which Ayurveda calls Ama), which is acting as a buffer and barrier against toxic debris.
  6. Better microbial balance – see written material before this.
  7. Better skin, clearer thinking, happier. This is from personal experience, and observation of hundreds and hundreds of clients.
  8. Lower risk of disease – people who eat impeccably, clean out regularly, and live within reasonable means, in my observation and from the work of Weston A Price, simply do not get sick as much, and are free from disease.

Appendix – for those who want more information

Craig’s note – I have found many special lab tests to be too expensive for most people, but if one looks below, from this article, one can see the many known poisons formed in the colon and intestines that cause problems in the body. In my practice, I use sclera, iris, and tongue assessment which are both cheap, and easy for anyone to do. These are used regularly before cleansing, and after a period of time to see how the program is proceeding. If more detailed information is needed, then we can turn to lab tests. Read on for more gross, yet fascinating information.


The subject of alimentary toxemia was discussed in London nearly 80 years ago, before the Royal ‘Society of Medicine by fifty-seven of the leading physicians of Great Britain. Among the speakers were eminent surgeons, physicians and specialists in the various branches of medicine. The following is a list of the various potential poisons noted by the several speakers: (indol, skatol, phenol, cresol, indican, sulphurretted hydrogen, ammonia, histidine, indican, urrobilin, methyImercaptan, tetramerhylendiamin, pentamethyiendiamine, putreacin, cadaverin, neurin, coolin, muscarine, butyric acid, beraimidazzolethy-lamine, methylgandinine, ptomarropinene, botulin, tyramine, agamatine, tryptophane, sepsin, Idolehtylaymine, and sulpherroglobine).

Of the 36 poisons mentioned above, several are highly active, producing most profound effects, and in very small quantities. In cases of alimentary toxemia, some one or several of these poisons is constantly bathing the delicate body cells and setting up charges, which result in grave disease.

There are available some tests to check if someone has one or several of those; they are:

1. PCR

2. Indole/Skatole

3. Indican/Skatole

4. Sulfafloc

5. Microalbuminurialproteinuria

6. Calcium

7. CCR


Source: http://www.ayalainternational.com/chemistry.htm

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