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We are offering many services many people have used at Health Alkemy as "custom" or personalized.  Now they are available in programs, groups, or individually.  Starting September 22nd our prices will go up.  Buy ahead at our current prices:

  • One hour consultation/visit $100
  • 30 minute consultation/visit $50
  • 15 minute consultation/visit - Quick Vitality or Health Check-up $25
  • 90 minutes $150
  • Two hours $200
  • Bodywork $80 per hour

Health Alkemy provides one of the most comprehensive health and medical assessment reports out there.  See our About Us page and learn more about what set's us apart.

We have alacarte appointments and prices here as of September 23rd 2018 - you can save significant money paying in advance for time and now buying time at our current prices.  See further down for our new prepaid visit/consultation prices.

New Alacarta prices AFTER 9/22/18
One hour - $150
30 minutes $80
15 minutes $45
90 minutes $225

Bodywork $100 per hour (see prepaid options, programs and Buy 4 Get One Free prepaid)

Questions and answers via phone, email or in person alacarte by the minute $3.  Please buy some time ahead and save alot of money.

See Programs here - XXX
For more options on groups, classes and membership options on our Herbal CSA, and our Access to Expert Membership system.

We also offer a prepaid service with significant discounts.  Prepaying gives you the ability to text, email and even call for faster answers to your questions, and cheaper prices for services.

Prepaid consults:

Three hours $350 (save $190 over by the minute prices)
Two hours $230 (save $130!)
One hour $120 (save $60)
30 minutes $75 (save $15)
15 minutes $40 (save $5)

Prepaid Bodywork:

Individual hour $100
30 minutes $55
90 minutes $140
Buy 3 get 4th for free $300 ($75 a session)
One hour as add-on to a consult or program, event, or service $80

Health Food Store Tours
We do Health Food Store Tours and prices the same per hour as consultations as well as this service can include up to 2 people.  For more than two add $20 per person.  We meet at the store at a pre-arranged time

Farmer's Market Tour/Help/Support
Same price as Consultations and limited to Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday Santa Cruz Markets.  For a higher fee, will travel up to 60 miles to help you navigate your market

In-Home Class/Event
Craig and possibly a member of the team will come to your house (if you can host up to 10-15 people maximum) and give a class/talk for 3 hours on a subject you want such as:

  • Seasonal Eating and Cooking
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • High Value Foods
  • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner themes
  • Cooking with Herbs/Plants
  • Vegetables how to make tasty
  • Sauces and Dressings
  • Desserts
  • Herbal Tonics and Special Preparations
  • Narcotic and Party Herbs
  • Or ANY topic by request

We charge a flat fee of $400 plus cost of foods/herbs.  You can spread the fee out over as many as 15 people which lowers the cost to $30-40 each, depending on food costs.

(We will travel anywhere in Santa Cruz county within reason, and will charge extra for travel costs within the Bay Area.  Arrangements can be made for coming anywhere in the US but client pays for travel costs.)


In Home Visits
We can visit you in your home for these things:

  • Clean out your pantry and refrigerator
  • Clean out your cupboards
  • We offer solutions for kitchen tools, counter space use, pantry supplies, how your refrigerator might look, staples and supplies to have in stock
  • We might assess your yard for our Personal Plant Medicine program or give ideas for planting food and herbs by request
  • We can do a family or group class also on almost any health or medical theme.
  • This service is by the hour and we charge our standard Consult rates - please prepay as i'ts much cheaper.  Home classes do not have food provided
We offer individual and group support
We offer individual and group support
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