The Forge – A New Kind of Self-Care

Get Forged into something new, bigger, and better than the current you!

At Health Alkemy House we are hosting a place where anyone who needs self-care can get it, and give it too – this is the ongoing event for you!

At any given night we will have going:

Arrival is loose – between 5 and 7PM – for those who want to eat something light, there is food made, and can bring your own food too.  Once we are finished, we move into the deep exploration:

  • We leave the outside world behind –
  • We do this by beginning with soft music, lying on a comfortable yoga mat and closing our eyes, focusing on breathing.
  • We move to our bodies desire, small movements
  • We then open to deeper breath, some sounds on exhale, and might sound and/or do a group breathing exercise.
  • Then we move around the room while me move to what we like, make eye contact in passing others, and might speak a few single words or phrases out-loud, then we might contact others in movement.
  • We have a circle up at this point and introduce ourselves in creative ways – might be words and might be movements and sounds.
  • What follows is sort of a menu we might facilitate:
  • Massage and Bodywork, advanced techniques taught and to receive
    • Sharing clinical perles from our lives and practices
  • Teas and special personal herbal blend/mocktail
  • Personal Assessment on physical, emotional, mental – from our health assessment system using iris, sclera, tongue and examination tools.
  • Goal setting support and accountability
  • Reflection, Support and Challenge is our system of feedback to each other – we encourage in feedback to offer what we wanted more of, and what worked for us and why?  We might do/offer some processes any given night:
    • Deep exploration of our inner self/selves and how we work beyond our stories or pre-conceptions
    • Personal inventory of habits and how we spend time
    • Deep examination of how we relate – ourselves, family, work, with goals, money and death/letting go
    • Learning Discernment for when to act and when to let go
    • Receiving reflection on how we relate, work, have fun…
    • Access to an ancient teaching of Inner Alchemy and a chance to create something in yourself and in the world from  it
  • Hot Seat!  What is your gold you bring the world, thru your own eyes and that of the group.  What are your challenges, shadow exploration needed?
  • Breathing exercises – attendees please bring your ideas!
  • And the monthly themes:

We are creating a space with a monthly theme in 2019 AND

Having a few trial runs in 2018

Time is 7-10PM ish for all events
Optional Dinner and Connect 5-7PM ish
We meet 1270 Capitola Road, Santa Cruz CA 95062
Fee is sliding scale donation – $10-$30 (for 2018)
2019 sliding scale $10-40

Themes are

December 29 – Examination of 2018 – Rest. Relax. Restore —
How skillful is our rest?  What does it mean to “relax?”  Is our rest restorative?  How do we know?
+++ This is about discovering and living our Light Within The Dark+++
Special Family Constellation work possible also!

2019 Schedule Days TBD – Themes each month are:
The Void – Pregnant Creativity
Water therapies, E-motion investigation
Sound – toning – music
Touch – being touched in various ways
Beltane preview
Light and Beltane, Fertility, Eye contact
Heat, Fire, and Taste
Dance, movement <> stillness
The Unknown and The Known
Death, Life, Ancestors, Samhain, The Veil
Thanks and Appreciation and Gratitude
Giving and Receiving, Stillness, Dark, Seed Energy

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