Spring Forward Into Health Cleanse

Getting all colors means getting a broad spectrum of nutrients.  Getting all parts of plants means on some level we nourish our whole body/parts.

Clean your filters!

Learn how and why.
We have filtering and toxin transforming organs, cells, and tissues.

The Spring focus is Liver, Gall Bladder, Intestines, and Portal Veins.
This is your "0il filter."

Other filters:
Kidney = water filter
Lungs = air filter
Spleen = blood/lymph filter
Intestines = food filter

We process each of these in their respective seasons and in the Spring its Liver.  Do one of our cleanses and get educated while you cleanse.

Craig teaching Health and Food and Diet to Acupuncture students at 5 Branches University
Craig teaching Health and Food and Diet to Acupuncture students at 5 Branches University

Spring has rapidly growing energy, and to harvest this excellent resource, we might need to clean out our filters.  Our cleanses offer optional Group support, emails 2-3 times a week, video instruction, Facebook live and live chats by request, and more.

The More part is what makes us different.
We offer a basic cleanse food list, supplements, and herbs tailored to YOUR needs.  We have a seasonal cleanse to focus on each of the major filtering/toxin transformation organs.  We give food lists, special weekly and daily challenges, along with video instruction via powerpoint presentations.  Access to this is 24/7.

Our cleanses offer Three Levels of Challenge.  The base level has very simple challenges.  You can see those Challenges here - Cleanse Challenges

We also offer group emails, and people exchange inspiring stories, recipes, and successes.

Our Spring cleanse offers three levels:

  1. Foundational $99 - this level is for 1st-timers, and is fairly easy to follow the food recommends and Level 1 Challenges and Weekly Challenges - Weekly Challenges go HERE.  This cleanse level will help clear congestion, reduce waste matter in gut and liver, lighten mood, weight loss, liver issues, gall bladder problems helped, and more
  2. Intermediate $299 - this level includes $150 in supplements, custom herbs, and food preparations.  Doing food and kitchen/garden herbs alone might not get most people past the shallow levels of toxicity.  See this document explaining all the toxins we deal with - (go to Foundation 3) DOCUMENT
  3. Advanced $399 - this level we highly suggest for the deepest work.  Includes an initial exam, lab work recommends, lab work evaluation, weekly text check ins, Community Dinner VIP, and an exam once the cleanse is over.  We suggest this level for those with cancer, MS, any serious disease.

Remember, dis-ease starts with day to day choices.  Once degenerative patterns start it means our organs, tissues, and cells are going to need to transform and dump this waste.  Our deep cleanses of Intermediate and advanced have clients singing the praise of all the things they never thought they could feel again.  Like lightness, weight loss, skin better, mood better, feeling themselves again, inspired, alot more.

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