New Year New You – Winter Cleanse

Get Yourself Lighter, Better, and More You!

» Options for the cleanse:

» 21 days - best for habit change

» 14 days - good reset

» 10 days - getting started - good for a beginning cleanser

Why Cleanse?

» Have more energy

» Feel lighter, clearer

» Lose weight, gain peace of mind

» Decongest, drain, and transform toxins

21 Day cleanse

$299 - use our easy Cleanse mix, an all in one fiber, detox, and herbal/whole food shake food, with custom herbs, and personal attention.  All the perks of the previous two levels

14 Day Cleanse

$199 - Easy Cleanse Shake mix and a custom herbal formula, along with same perks as the ten day.

10 Day Cleanse

$149 - We call this the Quick Start!  Good for blood sugar problems, easy, three levels of difficulty, and our best option for a beginner.  We do group format, there are weekly Facebook Live talks, YouTube talks, in person Community Dinners, The Forge event discount, Membership discounts, and in-person support.

Easy To Do

Simple food charts, levels of engagement is your choice, regular updates and check-ins, and as always personal attention if you need it.

Rest and Repair

The Winter months are best spent getting more rest and sleep, and more repair occurs in this.  By joining a cleanse, your body WILL get more repair.


We're always working on being better, and we have a regular newsletter, and regular updates from the group and our office.  Update us during the cleanse to get more feedback and healing.

Our Services

Seasonal Cleanses

Bodywork - very helpful in some cases

Consultations and Personal Health Plans

Herbal Medicine - grown by us and sourced organic

The Forge - transformational event monthly

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Why Work With Us

We meet people where they are.  Our health standards are higher than most.  Bringing consciousness to our choices allows for greater health.  We try to avoid "should" statements and force people to eat foods they cannot eat.  We type people to get THEIR best diet and health plan.

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Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to bring awareness to our choices in health, via education, in person meetings, and groups.  Our Vision is to help others heal so we can heal our communities and The Earth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Are Saying

I ate the foods and followed Craig's advice for 6 months now and have lost 50 pounds and cannot fit my old large clothes anymore!  I'm ready to cleanse!  (Room-mate in my home....)

Call us today at 1-831-325-3174 or email

We're excited to meet you and make a better world by having more awake healthy people in it!

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