Health Alkemy’s Personal Plant Medicine Program

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Join us!

4 Times a Year we have an Intensive also:
Go here to see how each one looks:

Or just join whenever you can for an entire year of learning about plants, gardening, and how to use them for your own health.

Join the revolution of people learning to take care of themselves.

In our membership only program, you will learn and get support explore these things:

  • Identify your top nine plants to help with Foundational Health and for illness support.
  • We do this by a thorough intake, exam, assessment, and classes and gatherings for some.
  • You will be given nine plants to raise and use for your medicine.   Support and Gardening help will be given for up to one year, depending on the program you select.
  • You can select our CHA option (same as CSA but with herbs) and have us or a surrogate in the community grow your plants
  • You will learn why you need these plants, what their properties are for both you and the Earth, and how to harvest, prepare, and use it.
  • Follow a complete year with your plants in our year long Plant Medicine program.  Add to this program the Wild Nature Year Long and join us for plant walks in the forest, by the ocean, in the drylands, and seeing, observing, and learning from the same plants, same sites all year long.
  • Starts in 2018 in June with a four-day intensive June 21-25
  • Free video's at this link about Plant Medicine - Videos
  • Only $400 deposit required and monthly payments of 200 dollars for 3 months.
  • You will save hundreds if not thousands of $$$'s on medications, lost work, lost energy, down moods, this is the program to change your life with ease.
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