Foundational Health and Nutrition

What are the Foundations of Health?

» What do I feed myself?

» Do I break food down well?

» Does my my body detoxify well?

» Does my body drain old stuff out well?

Health is on the Horizon

» Empower yourself

» Make conscious food choices

» Identify your strengths and weaknesses

» Get the support you need to feel how you've always dreamed!

Come and be a part of a revolution in how we use our own experience coupled with objective data to help ourselves attain, maintain, and live a life full of joy, clarity, and feeling good in our body.

Check out out Dinner Classes, Community Dinners, Personal Plant Medicine program, and alot more!


Protein Type:

Are you a high octane metabolic type, needing more meat and fat to feel satiated and digest properly?

Asparagus Couscous with Chickpeas and Almonds

Carb Type:

Are you a low octane metabolic type, needing less meat and more complex carbohydrates to feel satiated and digest properly?

food image

Mixed Type:

Are you someone needing a wide variety of fuel to feel satiated and digest properly, but don't know where to start?

Learn Techniques for Self-Care

We will guide you towards food you can digest and absorb, and steer you away from food that is harmful for your metabolic type.

We help you understand which Foundation of Health is weak, and how to fix it.

Doctor Yourself!

We will teach you the technique of pulse testing used by Dr. Arthur Coca, so that you can accurately identify both food allergies and intolerances. Once learned, you'll save hundreds on lab testing!

We will teach you many methods such as ph testing, saliva, tongue changes, pulse, skin, bowel movements, urine, sleep, and more.  This is about finding out for ourselves!

Get Light!

We offer and use elimination diets, which will jump-start cleansing and detoxification.  Bring your suspect foods and we will teach and learn and practice Pulse Testing, and many other techniques, along with using Blood work to help you pick foods, herbs, and supplements for your condition.

Our Services

Health Alkemy offers a vibrant variety of programs and products to actualize your vital self. We offer group and individual healthcare programs, as well as raw whole-food nutritional supplements and handcrafted, handmade botanical tinctures.

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Why Work With Us

Craig Lane offers a holistic approach to health including methods from various traditional practices, incorporating a foundational method that will build a structure of health based on your personal body blueprint.

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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on results by getting to the root of your ailments and healing the trauma at its source. We believe that every patient's body has a story to tell, waiting to be heard. We want to hear that story and help you write the next chapter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this start?

It's ongoing with special events and community functions - get on our email list and find out!

Where does it meet?  Do I have to be physically present?

The program meetings will take place at Health Alkemy, located at 1270 Capitola Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

We will also provide plenty of course content online through literature, self discovery homework and video modules, contact us to learn more!

How much are the meetings?
When there are special meetings we charge these rates for two hour class.
  • Prepay for 4: $90
  • Three meetings: $75
  • Two meetings: $55
  • Á la carte/ drop in rate: $30


To sign up call us today at (831) 325-3174 or email

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