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» Are you a protein type?

» Are you a carbohydrate type?

» Are you a mixed type?

» Does your diet harm or heal?

Health is on the Horizon

» Empower yourself

» Make conscious food choices

» Identify your ailments

» Get the support you need to feel how you've always dreamed!


Protein Type:

Are you a high octane metabolic type, needing more meat and fat to feel satiated and digest properly?

Asparagus Couscous with Chickpeas and Almonds

Carb Type:

Are you a low octane metabolic type, needing less meat and more complex carbohydrates to feel satiated and digest properly?

food image

Mixed Type:

Are you someone needing a wide variety of fuel to feel satiated and digest properly, but don't know where to start?

Eat This, Not That!

In this program, we will guide you towards food you can digest and absorb, and steer you away from food that is harmful for your metabolic type.

Doctor Yourself!

We will teach you the ancient Chinese technique of pulse testing, so that you can accurately identify food allergies. Once learned, you never have to be tested again!

Full Circle Perks!

Students concurrently enrolled in our Plant Medicine Program will get the added perks of food prep instruction as well as hands on support from Craig Lane.

Our Services

Health Alkemy offers a vibrant variety of programs and products to actualize your vital self. We offer group and individual healthcare programs, as well as whole food nutritional supplements and handcrafted botanical tinctures.

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Why Work With Us

Craig Lane offers a holistic approach to health including methods from various traditional practices, incorporating a foundational method that will build a structure of health based on your personal body blueprint.

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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on results by getting to the root of your ailments and healing the trauma at its source. We believe that every patient's body has a story to tell, waiting to be heard. We want to hear that story and help you write the next chapter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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