Falling Into Wholeness Autumn Cleanse / Detoxification

Welcome to the Easiest Cleanse you have ever done!  


You did read correctly.

At Health Alkemy we are launching another Seasonal Cleanse - this time it's Fall!
We offer seasonal cleansing as our internal organs go through periods of higher and lower activity throughout the year, and the Autumn according to Chinese Medicine is the time of Colon and Lung having the most energy running through them.

This Cleanse runs October 1-21.  We have a pre-cleanse meeting online Sunday September 30th optional from 6-7pm.  RSVP for free for this talk.  Call 831-325-3174 or email HealthAlkemy@gmail.com.

The whole month of October is devoted to cleansing support and getting ourselves set up for Winter and cold/flu season.  So if you want to start later in the month, you can do so.

We also offer optional Group format via email, Facebook Page, and Community Dinner every 2nd and 4th Friday.  Included in the Tier 2/3 cleanse is free blood work interpretation, and one Free Dinner class Saturday October 13 or if live in San Jose area can attend the October 20 dinner.

Go HERE for a link to the Introduction talk - TALK

Click HERE to see the Self-Assessment page and how to order lab work, and what the needed lab work is.  It's less than $50!

Purify YourSelf - See more clearly, be all you can be

Tier 1

  • Daily/Weekly Challenges
  • Diet Recommendations
  • Custom Herbal Blends available for discount
  • Dietary Supplements available for discount
  • Intermittent Fasting Routine
  • Journaling Exercises
  • Raw and Liquid Detox
  • Elimination Diet Options
  • Meal Prep Guide and Instructions

Tier 2

  • Includes Tier 1 AND:
  • Custom Herbal Blends Included
  • Dietary Supplements included
  • Free Lab work interpretation - before and after

Tier 3

  • Includes Tier 1/2 AND:
  • Text Support from Craig Lane
  • Before/After Cleanse exam and feedback
  • Free Dinner Class $40 value

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