Community Dinners (2nd and 4th Fridays)

Come down and enjoy interaction, dialogue, plant / herb / garden tours, great food, and learning!  Learning about food, about our deepest parts few want to talk about, and learn about yourself and your place in health.

Check us out, its donation, pot-luck or bring a donation.
Very simple, very fun

1270 Capitola Road, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Themes are:

  • What do I eat and how do I know it works?
  • How do I navigate this ever-increasing toxic world?
    • could be on many levels, and we do inner psychology, cleansing of the body, and transformational counseling
  • The theme of the night – or a Guest Speaker
  • This Autumn we are focusing on Navigating the Change of Seasons into Winter

Below are our Community Dinner Dates through 2019

December 14 – Staying Warm, Vital, and Restful

December 28 – Kick off for a New Year Restorative Retreat at Health Alkemy – why is silence “golden.”  What is our balance of silence and spoken word, with engaged with others to alone.

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