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We are happy to announce Craig is doing classes again!

We are looking for any home/office/space venue that can host 15-20 people.

The host and one person in the home gets a free class and food for hosting.

Below is the loose Class Schedule for 2018.

Craig can book one class per week, so please contact us and get your home, office, or anyplace you like for a class!

Or just come back to our calendar and attend one of our classes!

Dates for Dinner Classes, Events, and Calendar for 2018  ($40 fee due upon RSVP or arrival)  All classes go from 6PM to 9PM

  • The Forge!  December 29 7-10pm with dinner option 5-7....more info HERE
  • Holiday Gift Making - December 22nd, 1-6pm $40 gets you three gifts to make - Dinner after...see next listing below
    • We have herbs, you bring yourself and containers you like, or ask ahead to use ours!  We have herbal liquids, food products, dried herbs, fresh herbs, and we can make body care oils, creams, salves, and more
    • We can make infused oils, honeys, salt-cured lemon or other, check us out!
  • Every Day is a Holiday Learn How to Make a Healthy Tasty Holiday Meal, December 22, 6-9pm, $40
    • We will show you how its done, a professionally trained cook will prepare a special meal you can duplicate or use one or more of the recipes in your holiday meals or special events.
  • Health Alkemy End of Year Retreat Restore Retreat Starts - And Community Dinner December 28 6-9pm
    • this event goes through January 4th.
    • Daily schedule and overnights welcome during this time period.
    • Each day we start at 8AM yoga, and have a sit after for 30 minutes.  There is a midday sit, with guided meditation, and late afternoon practice with a sit after for 30 minutes and on certain nights a talk, or discussion.  Join us for some quiet time in silence - silence is golden....

Events 2019

  • End of Year Self-Care Retreat December 28 - January 3rd.
  • Personal Plant Medicine program and Bringing Plants to People
  • Personal Plant Medicine Intensives for each season
  • The Forge!  Transformation in a group setting via alchemy.
  • 4 Group or Individual 21 Day Cleanses for each season
  • Community Dinners as always
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