Alchemy is not change – it’s transformation!

Welcome to Conscious Transformation! 

When someone steps into our office, one thing is certain: this person is looking for answers. And to become something more than the limited self they feel they are. At Health Alkemy, welcome to a path of direct experience of your health, your true Self, and exploration of the alchemy of the Self. Once we have direct experience, we no longer need anyone telling us what to do or how we should be.

There is no teaching until the pupil is brought into the same slate of principle in which you are; a transfusion takes place; he is you and you are he; then is a teaching, and by no friendly chance or bad company can he ever quite lose the benefit.” Henry David Thoreau

Now that we have found each other, let’s begin by stating our highest intention for you. Our founder, Craig Lane, has laid out an entire health program that fits the Western lifestyle, along with fulfilling deep desires to become more than the limited self we might find ourself being.  Sure, you might be suffering, and just want to feel better? That is part of anyone’s path. What makes us different is an ENTIRE ALCHEMICAL PROCESS is laid out.  If you take your journey with us far enough, you can completely remake who you are.  And you can see beyond your ego-self also.  Identities of all sorts are worth exploring we believe.

Ask yourself the following questions?

  1. Have I ever felt my life was falling apart? My emotions in turmoil? My Identity carried away after some major life event? Come close to death? Spiritually seek enlightenment and higher states of consciousness, only to continually “fail.”
  2. Have I ever been so embarrassed as to want to leave a room?
  3. Do I have a current or past addiction/compulsion/out-of-control craving? (note – this can include sugar, thinking, caffeine, over-eating, computer or TV use, sex, along with any medication, drug, or alcohol)
  4. Have I actually been banished from or asked to leave anyone, any-place?
  5. How often do I think about whether my perception of reality is clear and true?
  6. Do I, or have I, ever considered whether what I was taught by our society might be forms of mind-control? Consciousness-control?
  7. Am I depressed? Suicidal?
  8. Do I frequently have anxiety or panic attacks?
  9. Do I have poor management of boundaries? Am I too open with others? Am I always “seeking” someone or something? Or am I too closed off to others? Am I open to what arises within my own thoughts, feelings, sensations?
  10. Do I feel “there is something bigger” than this life on the surface?

Video support: Craig’s YouTube Channel – – There is a wide variety of educational videos on all aspects of health.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you have found your committed partner in health!

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