What Makes Our System Special?

Craig teaching at Five Branches University Santa Cruz CA

We work with assessment systems that point to organ or tissue problems before disease occurs. We work with an Early warning system

  1. Craig’s client evaluation:
    1. This evaluation includes western medicine for objective evidence with hard numbers (blood work, temp. Blood pressure, and exam) This helps us identify chemistry problems. (chemistry problems) These point to organ or tissue problems before disease occurs. Early warning system. From this we choose foods and herbs to avoid and focus on to correct the problem before it becomes a disease state. If the person is already in trouble it helps us plan out how to get out of trouble.
    2. Chinese medical exam- determines patterns of energy flow, nerve health, digestive health. These are important for determining areas that are strong and weak, congested or free flowing inflamed or not, persons running hot or cold wet or dry, this helps us to identify foods and herbs that balance a person out. (processes problems)
    3. Iridology & Sclerology -  reading of the eyes to determine which organ systems  are in a degenerative process, which organ systems are healthy, which ones are inflamed, the blood supply to an organ (Circulation patterns), Constitutional digestive strength (your ability to break down food) Waste transformation and elimination.

We offer unique remedies and Insightful self-care:

  1. Specific prescription list of foods and herbs based on our best path FOR YOU - then we investigate...individually and in groups
  2. Recipes from the prescription list that are tried and true, tasty and healing/harmonizing from a trained chef
  3. Grow many of our own herbs and make my own special preparations. Craig is a Certified Herbalist since 1996.
  4. He has suffered a lot! (He’s avoided hospitals and has no sex problems) Craig’s been there! Chronic digestive and allergy problems, Crohn's diseas/ inflammatory bowel disease, pooped on bad days 10-20 times.
The Sclera (white of eye) is an excellent tool to assess congestion, damage, glycation, and much more

Below is a tongue photograph which all new Initial Intake clients do a thorough exam and interview.  We feel objective evidence of lab work, photographs, and actual blood pressure, temperature, and other physical data is more powerful than taking our word for anything.

Tongue LiverFattyStreaks
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