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You've landed on a place where hope and possibility live!  As the bees pursue nectar for food so do humans pursue love, health, and connection.  In health we are naturally clear, light, hopeful, appreciative, and desire connection for our needs.

Health Alkemy is here for food, diet changes, self-care, cooking skills, Herbal medicines, plants and how to grow and use them and alot more.

We do consulting and formulating.  We have a foolproof method that anyone can use.  Join us via groups, membership, individual consultations, use us for Dinner classes, Corporate talks, Herbal medicine classes, your personal Garden/Plants, and alot more.

We also offer a free 15-minute consultation so you can see whether we are a good fit for your needs.

Scullcap 2011

Vision Statement

Health Alkemy reconnects people with their inherent wholeness and well-being.  We feel Life is naturally abundant and our job is to align with this force.


Health Alkemy provides practical guidance, care, accountability support, and fun groups to help people reach optimal wellness.  We do this via education and balancing  current Science and  old Traditional practices.

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