Are you ready to get well, but the plethora of choices, options, and advice about health are overwhelming you?

Are you looking for a health practitioner who will deeply listen and meet you as the unique individual you are?

Are the plethora of choices, options and advice about health overwhelming you?

You are in the right place if -- despite eating healthy and being health conscious for years -- you still have underlying challenges that you aren’t sure how to address.

Here at Health Alkemy we recognize that each individual is complex and requires exploration and investigation to determine your unique needs and health path.

If you’ve tried lots of practitioners, therapies and diets to address your health challenges or you are just starting out, we listen deeply and are known for our creative solutions that get results.

If you want a Health Detective you’ve come to the right place. I will investigate and sleuth out with persistence what your underlying issues and how to address them in a way that inspires the body to heal and harmonize through its inherent intelligence

The Poppy has some of the best pain relieving properties of any plant.  It also helps with grounding and nurturing oneself after a long day.  Poppy is the perfect medicine for anyone who is a caregiver.
Scullcap 2011

Vision Statement
Health Alkemy reconnects people with their inherent wholeness and well-being.  We feel Life is naturally abundant and our job is to align with this force.

Health Alkemy provides practical guidance, care, accountability support, and fun groups to help people reach optimal wellness.  We do this via education and balancing  current Science and  old Traditional practices.

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